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7 Best web logging Platforms to begin a Blog for complimentary

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It isn’t only enough for the doctor to be smart. It will matter wherever he sets up his apply too, right? For any blogger, selecting the simplest blogging platform is nearly as necessary because the content he’s attempting to sell.

This write-up is customized for anyone attempting to begin a web log for complimentary. you’d need to finish up with the simplest blogging web site that’s straightforward to use, promptly customizable and is straightforward on your reader’s eyes!

Thinking of readjustment your opinion on the web? or maybe attempting to create an honest earning simply by writing your opinions on the large net arena? Well, there square measure a large vary of free web logging sites offered for you to begin a blog. Of course, that best web log platform you decide on is totally up to you and your needs.

Listed down below square measure temporary write-ups regarding the seven best web logging platforms which is able to assist you decide that one to decide on once attempting to begin a blog for complimentary.



Almost all to-be bloggers and current bloggers would have detected regarding WordPress throughout their blogging journey or atleast throughout their analysis for an equivalent. during this expedition, one is absolute to hesitate for a moment before selecting between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is additional for users United Nations agency square measure trying to find free blogging sites whereas WordPress.org needs hosting by the user, which suggests you have got to administer many usd to create the foremost out of it however it entitles you to own full possession of your web log.

Find out the professionals and cons of an equivalent and judge if it’s the simplest blogging platform for you?


Very good content management system.
WordPress.org is associate open supply web site builder adding to its flexibility.
Varieties of themes build it extremely customizable for bloggers. The profit is certainly additional here for WordPress.org
Numerous free plugins square measure offered for WordPress.org giving you excellent diversity.
If you’re trying to create some financial gain out of your blogging, then you’ll continuously opt for WordPress.org. it’s one in all the simplest blogging platforms for e-commerce.
It offers you tons of scope to be told and expand. There square measure a excess of forums and communities to assist you on the method if you discover it troublesome.

Self-hosting for WordPress.org needs you to speculate some cash into it. But hey, the additional you’re able to invest, the additional advantages you’ll reap particularly if you’re mistreatment the web log as a part of your business and not even as a hobby.
Limited plugins and styles square measure offered for WordPress.com however continues to be substantially at par with alternative blogging platforms.
It takes time to urge a suspend of all the options before receiving most profit and is therefore time intense and difficult for a beginner.

The basic distinction that may be attributed to once it involves identifying between the 2 is that the name. If you have got noticed specifically, one has an.org extension whereas the opposite contains a .com extension. currently the mystery starts! plow ahead and skim the cool options that build the 2 completely different from one another.

WordPress.com: is additional of computer code service based mostly company that offers hosting services at giant.
WordPress.org: is additional of associate informative knowledge instrumentality that contains data essentially associated with word press and its completely different aspects.

WordPress.com: Offers hosting services fully free. The installation half may be a bit difficult tho’.
WordPress.org: This service is free associated is additional of an open supply platform which supplies quality product to its users.

WordPress.com: Not customizable. No customized plug-ins or modification of ASCII text file allowed.
WordPress.org: Customization created fairly potential. Modification of ASCII text file is straightforward to derive best advantages.

WordPress.com: you have got to get removal of these third party advertisements.
WordPress.org: No such payment fees needed.


Though another well-liked blogging platform, Weebly is currently largely used as an internet site builder. With Weebly, you’ll have your web log up and running in no time.


Easy drag and drop possibility once making web site content thus providing a visible interface.
It offers you excellent simple use. you wish not be school savvy to search out your method around Weebly
Attractive style and layout decisions
Not time intense, because it is comparatively straightforward to be told a way to go around it
Ideal for those users trying to make little or easy websites
Free hosting services offered for his or her sites
Has a platform designed for e-commerce
Monetization. Weebly offers variety of choices during this space like AdSense, banner advertisements and third party codes

Not associate open supply web site builder. does not provide a lot of flexibility compared to the opposite players within the platform
There is a page restriction for the free and starter plans – five pages for the previous and ten pages for the latter. However, there square measure 2 upgrades from the starter arrange offered
Lacks in customization skills
Does not support extra plugins apart from those that square measure already in-built. Hence, there’s no possibility of putting in additional plugins of your selection
Not ideal for those trying to create revenue mistreatment advanced websites


You will be supplied with a custom name that is essentially of the shape yourname.blogspot.com
It offers exclusive free hosting and therefore the commercial enterprise options square measure all taken care of by the location itself.
If you’re a beginner, this free blogging web site is certainly counseled for you, since it provides a straightforward to use graphical interface with a step by step method explained for an equivalent.

The targeted advantages of blogger square measure superb. However, customization options aren’t therefore promptly offered and there’s a sort of edition graphics and themes for an equivalent.
Since it’s comparatively straightforward to use, there’s solely restricted or no quite support services created offered by the location. However, you’ll search the online for any facilitate would like whereas you begin your own web log.
TUMBLER – one in all the simplest BLOGGING PLATFORMS

Tumblr has its own standing among the free blogging sites. It positively is kind of associate arena that essentially deals in community based mostly updates and posts alike and contains a one stop search look with its image lined galleries.

Listed below square measure many professionals and cons which is able to assist you differentiate it from the opposite best blogging platforms and provides you a transparent understanding of that platform to decide on for your specific desires. plow ahead and provides them a glance.


Simple and minimalistic options lined with an excellent computer programme that helps you begin your terribly own web log for your specific purpose
Quite almost like social networking sites, it’s rather a community based mostly web site with wonderful image gallery on the road as well as re-blogging options and therefore the like.
High finish premium themes square measure offered at reasonable|a reasonable|an inexpensive} value with the exception of the affordable hosting options it offers. beginning a tumblr web log is actually free!
Offering engaging apps for the various forms of Smartphone on the move makes it an excellent possibility among the simplest blogging platforms.

Customization options consistent with your desires isn’t however created offered for this intensive platform. this is often a large draw back to the present otherwise tremendous free blogging web site.
Only restricted widgets and choices square measure offered for your use.

Being able to make a extremely potential web site with increased functionalities is one specific issue that’s high in demand within the current market state of affairs. There square measure a spread of potential web site builders for meeting your corresponding needs and Squarespace is one such free blogging platform that offers such intercalary functionalities.

However, you’d need to visualize out the positive and therefore the negative factors before closing if it is the best blogging platform.


It is straightforward to make and is very practical. The platform is actually terribly cozy to use.
User-friendliness and suppleness factors square measure a lot of high. nice themes square measure offered for your use.
Full time fast support is accessible for all squarespace users.
User finish change isn’t needed and every one updation of themes and plugins square measure done at the server facet.

Not appropriate for stylish and high finish users United Nations agency demand a bigger expertness of the given style. Minimalistic style choices square measure but offered if you would like to decide on.
Premium packages square measure slightly on the far side the cheap vary.
It is not associate open supply platform.
HOW smart associate possibility IS MEDIUM AMONG the opposite BEST BLOGGING PLATFORMS?

When it involves building your web log via a typical blogging platform, there square measure variety of services offered on-line which give an equivalent for an inexpensive value. during this immense competition, one that stands quite value mentioning is that the Medium blogging platform.

Listed below square measure quite few professionals and cons of closing Medium because the best blogging platform for your exquisite blogging and business desires alike.


The target market is kind of smart. Some nice exposure is accessible on this type of platform.
It is straightforward to use and is kind of user friendly.
It boasts of an inexpensive value for hosting options and therefore the like.
Typography is one issue that you’ll be terribly positive of. Such content appearance wonderful here.
The updation and maintenance square measure handled by the professionals therefore you do not have to be compelled to worry regarding the regular updation tasks.

Tough competition is its nice draw back. The printed content and stuff has to be extremely exclusive and of high notch customary.
Customization options aren’t offered and there square measure restricted quantity of themes that you’ll select from.
The exposure to the audience is restricted to the time period of the work.
Designing isn’t what’s specifically offered here completely. it’s additional of a content based mostly {website|web web site} than a free blogging site.

Quite a new blogging platform that came into existence within the year 2013, this native web site has taken the net by storm. it’s one exclusive free blogging platform developed alone for blogging functions and stands quite appreciation for its exclusive recent and made content and nice user expertise.

Listed below square measure many options which is able to assist you confirm the relevance of this blogging platform designed to serve your specific business functions at giant. plow ahead and take a look!


1. it’s terribly straightforward to use. the web site is therefore user friendly and is very practical altogether its aspects.

2. What makes it additional engaging is its exquisite simplicity. it’s extremely versatile and is appropriate for even naïve users. it’s in best demand to be used by all blogging novices.

3. Abstraction is provided at a spanking new scale. The modulation of the location is finished specifically to suit the varied style and content desires of the corresponding users.


It lacks in actual users for this platform and you’ll specifically notice that this platform continues to be within the beta testing section of the testing lifecycle.
Widgets and plug-ins square measure missing during this platform that is kind of an obstacle in comparison to alternative similar sites!
Being new the market, this specific platform is lacking in basic user reviews on a bigger scale.
Choosing the simplest blogging platform for you is kind of a crucial decision to create. Weigh your needs associated skills well to create an aware decision!
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