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In addition, I got some input from people on the net that contributed sources.

At the end is a separate section that covers literature that contains information for several countries. A few scans were grabbed from the Internet. A lot of stamps came from helpful people on the net that contributed. I am aware that this does not always reflect the present political situation, but I think that the stamps might possibly be found easiest in the order chosen.

For many countries, there are examples of the tax stamps used, together with dating information, if I know it. Dates in red colour are changes after 01 January 2017 .

You can click on many of the images to get a more detailed view, watch your cursor!

table of values and dates for 1882 to 1939

table of dates and values

stamps and dates from after unified tax legislation

These may be stamps or imprints on the cards themselves or adhesive stamps used on the packaging. If you need exact bibliographic information for those publications, you can either consult the Bibliography page of the Playing-card FAQ, or you can send an e-mail to me.

In addition, there are annotated lists of reference material with respect to taxes and tax stamps on playing-cards. The idea is to help in identifying and dating playing-cards.

Not all the stamps shown here were used for playing-card taxes in a narrower sense, sometimes the money went to a charitable institution like the Red Cross, an orphanage, a widows' support institution, or something similar. Anybody who is willing to contribute is welcome.

The people that have so far contributed by literature hints, copies, corrections, and stamps are:

Any errors or omissions are mine -- please notify me ( of any corrections or suggestions on how the material may be better arranged.

The last column of the table gives the date of the latest change. Please note that many of the publications cover a wider range of topics, the annotations refer to the tax and tax stamp angle.

The sources in the lists are mainly publications in my own possession and some others that from their title suggest that they deal with playing-card taxes and tax stamps. The examples are taken from my own collection, or from museum collections I have access to.

Dating playing cards

Peter Endebrock's Playing-card Pages

Taxes and Tax Stamps on Playing-Cards

In the following, you will find information on taxes and tax stamps used for playing-cards. Most of that will also be mentioned within the section for each individual country.

You will notice that I also put in countries of which I know or have reason to assume that they used tax stamps, but for which I have no examples or references (except perhaps those in the 'general' section).

Please keep in mind that for detailed investigations it might be sensible and necessary to consult some of the references given.

I will try to add information in the future. Several of the scans might be better, but I hope that they at least give an impression.

Attention: The scale of the illustrations may differ, even on the same web page.

On some pages I mention publications that are not primarily interesting in conjunction with playing-card taxes, but they show individual stamps that are not (yet) present on these pages. I am using the term 'tax stamp' nevertheless.

Tax stamps may lead you to wrong conclusions because

The material is arranged by country.

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