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Check out this information before you get online - and do NOT give out any personal information until you have read the excellent guidelines in this site.

Once you have taken the precautions described in the two previous sites, and begin checking out dating sites, if you do meet someone - CHECK them out.

Unless you meet someone through friends or acquaintances who are aware of the individual's history, you really don't know a person at all.

The following Internet services may be helpful if you want to check someone out:

This site provides background investigation services with prices starting at $1.00. Membership is free. OR anyone you meet or are planning to meet - if you don't know much about them except what they've told you.

Double up on relationship advice!

Send it to a friend!

The Web's only results-based pheromone supermarket!

You have access to database searches and profiles of other members, chat rooms and you can receive unlimited e-mail contacts from other Network members. Lawyer. IF you want to initiate contact with other members, then you need to subscribe to the Network.

Member profiles here include photo albums (up to 4 photos), voice clips and comprehensive member information (they scan your photos free).

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The site has user-friendly interfaces and over 700,000 members. There are no charges for: posting a profile (they will scan, process and post up to 5 of your photos for your profile). Subscription rates start at $9.98 per month and decrease with multiple-month subscriptions.

This site contains cautions and real-life stories about problems people have encountered through Internet communications and dating.

You'll find cautions and tips for safe Internet connections and dating here. The site also offers free and subscription memberships (the free service members can respond to E-mail while the subscription members can receive and initiate communications). Pediatrician. The site bills itself as the "Most Comprehensive Source of Public Records on the WEB."

Good for research about anyone or any business. When members Browse and Search they can select from a large number of criteria (including age range, geographic area, or more than 150 activities and interests that other members select as part of their profiles. Personal Email Box on the website.

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