Sermons on dating for teens

Sermons on dating for teens

Quiz - Flirt Across a Room? Signs He Likes You Top 10 Tips That He's Flirting

The Stuff Others Won't Tell You

But Everyone Should Know!

Safety - As long as you don't divulge any personal information and are not traceable (through an email address or accidentally dropped clues)

If you decide to get together -- be certain it's in a very public place. Do NOT permit the person to pick you up or indicate where you live.

A large number of people have multiple active profiles on dating or social networking sites. Google the dating name, the real name, if you have it, and find what pops up. Often you may find conflicting information under the same 'profile' name. This is a big warning sign.

PHOTOS -- can be a BIG give away.

We know someone who recently talked with another individual via phone (Google phone number, of course) several times.

Inexpensive - All those first date dinner bills and outfits can add up! Lack of Emotional Commitment (not a positive for everyone, see below)

- It's easier to end an online relationship

Faked photos, dating scams, cheaters, creeps -- you NEVER know.

Names, ages, cities and, of course, photos can easily be faked

For example: Who would you rather date?



FIRST DATE IQ - take our quiz and see. if you're a dating genius - or dating challenged .


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